Commissioned by The Irish Whiskey Museum as composer for visual Content. 2015.  Music Producer and Video Director for Kevin Godley (10cc) on the music app 'WholeWorldBand'. 2013/2014.  Composer on Italian feature film 'Controra'. (Interlina Films / Ripple World Films). 2013.  Commissioned by Dublin City Council as composer on the feature documentary 'The Journey of the Samuel Beckett Bridge'. 2013.  Composer on feature documentary 'The Road'. (BBC Storyville / Irish Film Board). 2012.  Composer on Hungarian feature film 'Istambul'. (Fortissimo Films / Ripple World Films) 2011.  Composer on feature documentary 'Kathleen Lynn'. (Loopline Film). 2011.  Composer for the Finnish feature film 'Lapland Odyssey'.  (Helsinki Films / Ripple World Films). 2010.  Composer on feature documentary 'Lament for Patrick Ireland'. (Loopline Film). 2010.  Music producer on Oscar-winning director Neil Jordan's feature film 'Ondine'. 2009.    Collaborated with composer Bruno Coulais on the Academy Award-nominated animation feature, 'The Secret of Kells'. (Cartoon Saloon) 2009.  Composer on 'Sandpiper', an animated film directed by Academy Award nominee Jimmy Murakami (The Snowman). (Irish Film Board) 2009.  Directed the concert film 'Kíla Once Upon a Time'. (Jade Productions) 2009.  Music Producer/Composer on the Documentary series 'Hidden Treasures'. (Loopline Film) 1998.  Multi-instrumentalist on three world tours and two albums with the world renowned band 'Dead Can Dance'. 1994-2005.  Produced five gold albums, one platinum album and toured extensively with the Irish band Kíla. 1992-2009.  Studied Film at IADT. 1991-1993.  Sound Engineer at Music Mint Studios Dublin. 1987-1991.  Download Lance Hogan Copyright 2011 Site Design By Quirkie